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English / My Edinburgh · 3 Dicembre 2019

Why move to Edinburgh? My first English article

For years I have been dreaming about moving to Edinburgh from my country of origin: Italy.

As my first job was a “web designer”, I was exposed to English and therefore I used to write and correct some short text, however, I have never written a full article since high-school (and it’s a long time ago!).

I now have a new job as a “content writer” and I still live in Italy, if I want to move to Scotland I have to improve my written English and that’s why I want to write something to show it to my future employers!
I’m used to English as I love this language, I read articles of various topics on a daily basis, but writing is a completely different kettle of fish, what do you think?

Why move to Edinburgh?

The first time I went there, was in 2011, for my honeymoon and I fell in love with it.

The architecture, nature and above all the sky, so different from the one I’m used to in Milan.
Edinburgh sky is always changing, from rain to sun, from grey to blue, pink and red, and the wind always plays with clouds running through.
In Milan, the pollution levels are always up to the limit, only a few days in a year can be considered free of PM2.5, the most dangerous atmospheric particulate in the air.

Edinburgh also is a cosmopolitan city like Milan, but also quite small, in comparison to Milan. So, learning from friends who live there, the levels of the liveability of this city is much at a man’s measure than the big city of fashion and design (who really cares about that? not me!!!)

These are only a few of the reasons for leaving. Since when my daughter’s was born I had another vision of a higher level of quality of life for her and us three as a family (plus two dogs).

Keep tuned as I in my next article I talk about my future perspectives.

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